Banter - Sherazade Launches on ELEVEN

Sherazade: The Untold Stories is based on the classic Arabian Nights tales and is now showing on channel ELEVEN in Australia. This contemporary animated series embarks on a whole new epic adventure!

These fresh new stories feature brave teen Sherazade on a quest to help her friend Karim who has been unjustly dethroned by his own brother. An evil spell was cast and he has been turned into a big blue hairy monster! Now the two friends must escape from the Golden City and set off to find a cure for Karim.

The journey takes the duo across mystical lands and mysterious islands – full of wizards, mythical creatures and flying carpets. Along the way Sherazade and Karim encounter legendary characters such as Aladin, Sinbad and Ali Baba! Oh, and they even befriend a genie called Halil who serves to guide them.

This visually stunning CG animated series bristles with suspense, excitement and magic as the friends journey to find the Tree of Life.

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