Press - CLF's slate of innovative game properties

Entertainment company Chocolate Liberation Front is pleased to announce an exciting slate of innovative game properties for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android touchscreen devices.

Game Masters: The Game

Game Masters: The Game was commissioned and published by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) and has been designed and developed by Chocolate Liberation Front to compliment Game Masters: The Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition opening on 28 June 2012.

The competitive touchscreen game pays homage to some of the world’s most iconic videogames, taking players on a ride through gaming history as they relive classic videogame moments, from arcade through console games to today’s mobile App favourites.

The game is also available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Android touch devices and it can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play. More information can be found on the Game Masters Exhibition website.!/get-the-game/

Game Masters: The Gameis also part of the exhibition as an innovative touch table activity.

Following last October’s release of Oscura for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch by Chocolate Liberation Front, the game has since been adapted into eight languages and was released by Viacom International Media Networks for Android devices in early June 2012 for download via Google Play.

This hauntingly atmospheric game features a lone character Oscura that takes players through a dark, foreboding environment in search of crystal shards that will bring light back to the lighthouse that keeps the dark creatures away.

This original intellectual property is the brainchild of Ole Alfheim.

Figaro Pho Interactive Adventures

CLF is currently in development on a series of three new narrative driven touch screen games based on Figaro Pho, a character that is plagued with every phobia under the sun. The games have been green lit for support from Screen Australia, and will compliment the highly anticipated CGI 39 x 8 min television series “The Adventures of Figaro Pho” for ABC3. 

Figaro Pho follows the adventures of a character that lives in a gothic mansion and has every phobia from A to Z. The series is currently in Production by Chocolate Liberation Front and Ambience Entertainment.   The project comes from Creator, Director Luke Jurevicius and Art Director Deane Taylor.  Ole Alfheim will play a lead role in the game design for this unique series of activities.

Chocolate Liberation Front is an award-winning multi-platform entertainment company focused on the development and production of games, online content, television series and films.   Chocolate Liberation Front was a recent recipient of Screen Australia Enterprise Funding. 

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