Banter - Oscura

We here at CLF are very excited by the release of the iOS app Oscura - the brainchild of designer/animator/art director/visionary Ole Alfheim, who with the other members of the CLF team and the wonderful people at MTV worked on this game that has a focus on beautiful visuals, seamless animation and ultra-fun gameplay.

It started with Ole’s vision of the game: Oscura is about the feeling of trespassing onto territories you don’t belong in and the sense of excitement and exploration that brings. By using a minimalistic color palette and silhouette visuals, I wanted Oscura to be an abstract experience, letting the player project their own imagination and feelings into it. - Ole Alfheim

We’ve been humbled by its success across the board in multiple countries, including reaching the #1 spot in the iPad Enterainment section in Australia, Canada and New Zealand in the first week. 

Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese versions are on the way and please note that if you already have the app additional levels will be available for free soon, as will a Dutch-language version.

If you have an Apple TV be sure to try Oscura out on Airplay - it supports airplay display mirroring and lends itself beautifully to the big-screen!

For those who want to know how to mirror displays on iOS 5 double click the home button and swipe left so that the volume controls are viewable - there is an airplay button to the left of the volume bar IF you have got an Apple TV that is hooked up to a screen and the wireless network your iPad is on. Please note your device has to support airplay display mirroring.

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